Vadi Systemsby Vadim Peretokin

IRE Helper

IRE Helper

Your companion to IRE gaming! This app will help you keep up-to-date with game happenings while you're away. The IRE Helper provides notifications for messages and events, lets you read and write messages, check news posts, browse various logs, and keep current with events that are happening in the game.

Svo for Achaea


Svo is a combat system built on the Mudlet client for the Achaea MUD that assists you with the complex combat dynamics of Achaea, and makes your life easier by handling many things such as affliction curing, bashing triggers, defence defup and keepup, among many other features. It's great for combat beginners who don't have to worry about memorizing all the possible afflictions, cures, and what it looks like when you receive them - to combat veterans who can optimize the system for their style.

Svo is fast, works on Mudlet for Windows, Mac, and Linux and comes with excellent support.

m&m for Lusternia


m&m is a system for the Lusternia MUD, built from the ground up, that is simple to use, excellent in curing, scripting-friendly, aesthetic and customizable. It follows on a lot of the same traditions in terms of being excellent at what it does, affordable and innovative.

m&m is fast, works on Mudlet for Windows, Mac, and Linux and comes with excellent support.

Vadi Multiclient for Achaea

The famed workhorse of many Achaean combatants and casual users, this system runs on Mudlet, MUSHclient, zMUD, CMUD, TinTin++ and many other clients sans Nexus and Flash. The system helps you with everything from bashing, to handling defences for you, curing you in combat, helping you bash, and comes with a slew of addons to make miscellaneous things such as harvesting, refilling vials or tattooing another much easier.

Vadi Multiclient is fast, works on many clients in Windows, Mac, and Linux and comes with excellent support. It has, however now been superceded by the newer and better Svo system.

Vadi Nexus for Achaea

The original Vadi system for Nexus that started it all; still used and loved by many. Just like other systems, it comes with complete curing, class defences, bashing triggers, and an easy-to-use interface.

Vadi Nexus works wherever you can use Nexus, and stays installed on the different computers that you use it.